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What are the goals of the ETK program?
  • To provide quality early learning for low-income children who turn 5 after December 2nd. 
  • To provide structured and structured opportunities for children to build socialization and communication skills with other children and adults. 
  • To lower dropout rate and increase high school graduation rates by cultivating at a very young age personal qualities that improve children's resilience, confidence, and persistence. 
  • To improve student success in A-G (college preparatory) requirements by developing a strong language, literacy, and math foundation in these young students. 

Expanded Transitional Kindergarten ETK

What is the Expanded Transitional Kindergarten?

The Expanded Transitional Kindergarten program is a free, high-quality early learning option for low-income children who turn five after December 2nd. Children will learn foundational language, literacy, and math skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. 

What are the benefits of the ETK program?
  • A compelling body of evidence confirms that high-quality early learning can substantially improve children's success in Kindergarten-12 , setting them on a bright path to college and careers. 
  • The program is aligned with the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Preschool Curriculum Framework, providing opportunities for the development of children's socialization and communication skills, as well as a foundation in language, literacy, and math that is needed to be ready for success in school.